We are experienced in treating all illnesses, both acute illness and chronic medical conditions. All of our doctors have worked and are experienced in Paediatrics, General Medicine, Surgery, Care of the Elderly and Psychiatry. We endeavour to provide a holistic approach to treating you, taking into account your physical, emotional and psychological health.

Women’s Health

Sexual, reproductive and psychological health. We encourage a proactive approach to womens’ health, actively screening through regular pap smears, breast checks, blood testing and radiology if needed.Implant insertions and removals.
Sirena insertions and removals.

Travel Medicine

If you are planning to travel to a foreign country, please consult us in relation to the latest evidence on diseases relevant to your destination and the measures you need to take to avoid them.

DVA health

We want to provide the best possible service to all our veterans, and provide continuous care any physical and emotional needs.

STI check and treatments

If you have any concerns about your sexual health, please come to speak to us in confidence. We offer confidential and prompt STI testing and treatment.

Skin Cancer check and treatment

We provide comprehensive skin cancer service which includes complete skin checks, screening, monitoring and treatment of any spots or moles requiring further attention.

Time, patience and understanding are required during any thorough, complete skin check. Our detailed skin check will provide you with a peace of mind and reassurance that you will leave the clinic with the “all clear” knowing that no suspicious lesions are left undetected.

It is important and very helpful that you highlight any new or changing spots of concern on any part of your body, which will be expertly assessed along with all of your other spots on your face, scalp, neck, torso front and back, arms and legs.

For the skin examination you will be asked to undress, with removal of all clothing except for underwear (bra left on for females). A cover gown/sheet is available if required.

Please kindly remember to remove all make up, nail polish and fake tans prior to your skin check so that no lesions can be hidden and that there is a clear view of all areas requiring assessment.

This service is provided by an accredited skin cancer doctor , Dr. Hany Eskandar. Treatment may incur a cost.

Mole mapping is done by stare-of-art machine at Jupiter Health Singleton

Men’s Health

Men often find it difficult to speak about their problems, but we can assure you we offer a caring, confidential environment.

Prostate cancers checks
sexual health checks
Vasectomy discussion and referral when needed

Children’s Health

A registered nurse is onsite to provide kids immunisations and perform health checks including the 4 year old children’s check.

Chronic Disease and management plans

If you have an condition that has been ongoing for more than 6 months, or is at risk of doing so, you may be entitled to a chronic disease management plan. You can discuss that with the GP.

Mental health consultations and care plans

Approximately 3 million Australians live with anxiety or depression. This makes it very common; if you feel that you might be one of them, please come to speak with us. Depression and anxiety don’t just affect your mental health but your physical health as well.

Worker compensations

We are experienced in assessing, treating and co-ordinating your care following a work related injury.

Driving Medicals

All private and commercial driving medicals are performed at Core Medical. These are privately billed and cannot be billed to medicare.

Ear syringing

Following examination by your GP we can provide ear syringing onsite which involves manual flushing of ear canals to alleviate blockages from wax build up.

INR testing

For patients on anticoagulant medication we provide finger prick blood testing on site for accurate readings to assist in managing medication.

Wound Care

We have a fully equipped treatment room and can provide wound care ranging from acute/ basic to chronic/ complex wound management and dressing application.

Iron Infusions

On recommendation from one of our GP’s we can provide intravenous supplementation of iron given to patients’ who are found to be iron deficient.

Pathology Services

Phlebotomy services are provided on site by Western Diagnostics for all common blood tests 8 AM- 4 PM excluding weekends and public holiday.